Flying off for a well-deserved vacation? jet-set in style (and comfort!) this season. Below are travel-friendly pieces that will ensure you’re the most well-dressed passenger on the plane.

Chic Carry-On Bag:
Get yourself a structured design and timeless appeal which is practical—and perfect for carrying all your in-flight essentials.

The Tessa Bag


Versatile Jacket:


The Quincy Co-ord Set Blazer

With a jacket, you’ll always touch down looking perfectly polished—even if you’re battling some serious jetlag. 


Cozy Oversized Scarf: 

Make a statement with a standout scarf. They look good wrapped around your neck and will keep you warm while you snooze on the plane.


Beautiful Shoes:

A short, comfy heel with slip-on and slip-off capabilities or sneakers is a must-have for breezing through airport security stylishly and hassle-free. 


Aviator Sunglasses:
With these star style sunglasses, you can ditch the makeup while traveling and still look put-together. 

The Cara Sunglasses