Minimalist Style

Sometimes we want to go with the latest fashion trends and experiment with fashion, which is fine but we should also understand that "less is more”, which is the point of minimalist style. When done right, it can make more of an impact than even the loudest of outfits. A pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and your favorite slides is a good example of minimalist style. 

When we hear minimalist style, the first thing that goes to the mind is black, grey and white. while those are simple and classic colours, it is important to note that pastels can also contribute to minimalist style.
You can achieve classy minimalist style looks with these few steps:

  1. Use colours. bold solid colors like pastel pink and blue, yellow and fuchsia can make minimalist styling more interesting.
  2. Fit. Make sure your clothes fit right, and also wearing outfits with interesting cuts switches up your style. 
  3. Accessorize. Adding one or two pieces a like simple flat mules or sunglasses can make your outfit more fun without looking too much.

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