How To Rock Wide Leg Pants

A few years ago, when we think of  wide leg pants an image may come to mind of plain, simple and loose-fitting design. But recently, wide leg pants have many new fashion elements, such as asymmetrical design, side slit and holes breaking the traditional 'boring' image.

Important factors to consider when styling wide leg pants are the waist and the hem line. Here are a few ways to style high and low waisted wide leg pants.

1. High waisted wide leg pants

This can seem particularly challenging as your are unsure what to pair it with. To achieve a casual yet pulled together look, wear a T-shirt that hits just below the waist-band. Or for more of a bohemian look, try a cropped loose camisole or a printed shirt paired with a blazer. Another popular look is the “half tuck” (simply tucking the front of your shirt into your pants), it is perfect for tops that are a bit too long or voluminous.


2. Low waisted wide leg pants

Slightly over-sized tops or chunky sweaters with banded hems are ideal for low-waisted wide leg pants, as the fitted band will enable you to wear volume at both the top and bottom without appearing sloppy. A belt can be worn to show off your waistline or create the illusion of one. 



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