I'm sure we've all had it with this current heat situation in Nigeria. With the heat, comes a desperate need to show skin, not because we feel like flexing but simply because ventilation is important! So from barely there tank tops to short shorts, this is the season to break out those pieces that don’t require a lot of fabric.

While some of us have mastered wearing shorts all year round, others tend to be either insecure about their legs, or simply be put off by all the things that could go wrong. Anyways, don’t fret, we're going to show you ways to rock those shorts this season!


Body Structure is Essential

This is one rule that applies to everything in fashion and yes that means shorts too. It’s important to know your canvas and what you’re working with.

So before you shop for shorts, know your body type. If you have skinny legs, then a pair of printed shorts would definitely do you some good. While thick thighs do save lives, if you want to look slimmer, then go for a dark color like navy blue when picking shorts, and preferably chinos or linen.


The Length Challenge

It’s been established long ago that women don’t like when anything is short (this applies to a lot of things). However, I believe there are some exceptions and one of those exceptions are shorts.

The rule used to be two inches above the knee, while some still follow that rule, I can boldly say, you could always make it shorter.

Men are bending the rules these days and while you run the risk of going overboard, it’s important to target the sweet sexy spot between too long and frumpy, and too short and creepy.


Shorts for the Right Occasion

Not all shorts can be worn to all places and occasions. Granted, beach shorts have made their way from the ocean to the red carpet, this still doesn’t mean that everything goes. 

Frayed denim shorts and beach shorts could work for a house party with the guys where there’s probably a barbecue and a pool, while denim could easily transition to a night out if styled right.  

Tailored shorts give a more put together look and are perfect for a serious outing where you still want your thighs to breath. A nicely fitted chinos short paired with a button down pastel linen shirt also works for said events, or maybe a day out running errands.


Don’t be compelled to Follow Trends

This is a super important rule! The fashion industry is constantly changing and with a flood of social media influencers, Angel or Derin could very easily put two and two together, serve a look, and bam, everyone wants to try it too. Sorry, it might not be for you.

While its necessary to push yourself, you also need to find what you’re comfortable in, and run with it. Not everyone can pull off certain looks, the key however is to try it without pressure from the public and if you like it, fine.


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