How To Decide If A Fashion Trend Works For You

As a fashion enthusiast you always want to experiment with the latest fashion trends. Most times trying out new style trends can help you get out of a boring style routine. The fact that you can continually reinvent your style is one of the best things about fashion. While it is a great thing, you shouldn't blindly follow every fashion trend that's out there.

A majority of the latest fashion pieces are not usually budget friendly so before you drop a lot of money on the latest designer or high street fashion items, you should ask yourself: Does this trend work for me? We have come up with a few ways to help you answer this question.

1. Define your style 

Being aware of your personal style is a great way to determine which trends are right for you and the ones that aren't. If you are not sure of what your personal style is then try describing what your past and current styles are, for example; it could be chic, classic, boho or atheisure. If you still aren't sure then look at fashion blogs for outfits you can relate to and your lifestyle. 

2. Body Shape

Not all fashion trends work for all body shapes and sizes because not everything that looks good on a model would look good on regular women as they have different body types. Also, some looks are just meant for the runway and fashion shoots.

It is important that you know how to choose clothing and accessories that are flattering for your body. You can also get inspiration from celebrities who have a similar body shape as well.

3. Confidence

We can't all wear every item that's on that "must-have list". Nor should we feel bad about it. As long as you stay true to your personal style and what goes well with your lifestyle, you will have the confidence to rock any outfit you might be wearing.

Always remember that trends come and go, so have fun with trying new things, but do not beat yourself up if you can't follow every single trend that's out there.



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