A dress is a staple piece every woman should own. There are certain style pieces one must have in their wardrobe, as these pieces are versatile and can work for just about any occasion. We've listed out a few of them below.. 


Floral Dress 

Go big and bold with a floral dress – a staple that will blend in seamlessly for any occasion.

Blue Long Sleeve Floral Dress

This flowy piece will make you look fresh and put-together despite the sweltering sun. You can top off your look with a floppy hat and large sunglasses to get that tropical glam look.


Relaxed Sundress 

A sundress is great to wear by the pool for a tranquil afternoon with your partner. They are very suitable for any vacation spot. 

The Laura Dress

Not to mention, the crinkle designs mean you don’t have to worry about wrinkling your fabrics as you breeze through your itinerary. Keep accessories to a minimum to really bring out that relaxed aura.


Classic Black Dress  

A classic black dress is a total must-have! Aside from wearing them to fancy dinners, it will see you through hangouts with the girls or even club nights.

Mesh Goodness Dress

Fortunately, they’ve become such a ubiquitous piece that you don’t have to break the bank for it. Just make sure to choose breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.


Vibrant Wrap Dress

The Alex Dress

Wearing a wrap dress is an easy way to look effortlessly sleek. These pieces can be fun to experiment with as they come in so many kinds of silhouettes and styles.Pair your crazy prints and colours with plain heels or sandals to complete your look.